Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When I make a model, I obviously search for some photographs of the building I'm modelling, and also some info about the structure, its history, etc.

However, I have seen that some buildings have very few pictures, or no pictures of them at all.

I'll start with...

Mosse-Palais at Voßstraße

I found two or three pictures of it, all of the façade at Voss-street. I started that model three months ago, but I could not finish it, since the pictures are of poor quality, and the Palais had its main façade at Leipziger Platz. I didn't find useful pictures of that part.

Palais Pless, Wilhelmplatz

All I have found about this palace is this poor quality picture, a ground plan and a picture of Palais Borsig where a small part of its façade can be seen. All I know about the palace is that it was the residence of Hans-Heinrich von Pless, and that was demolished in 1930 for the construction of the Extension of the Reich Chancellery.

St.-Elisabeth-Kirche, Kolonnenstrasse

Only two pictures of this brick Gothic church: One in Wikimedia Commons, the other in Panoramio.

Deutsches Kolonialmuseum

The DKM was housed by the Marinepanorama, a panorama-rotonda near Lehrter Bahnhof. The rotonda had a huge painting, showing New York seen from a steam liner. 

Four pictures, two from Commons (the first one is an aerial view of Lehrter Bahnhof, the second is another view of Lehrter Bahnhof, from the Spree, see below, at the left of the picture).

I don't even know if it was destroyed in WW2, or demolished before the war. The only info I found was in Skyscrapercity:

"Imperial Berlin had six panorama rotondas. None of them is preserved."

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