Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's see...

I have been unable to post here in those last weeks because, well, I have been making more models I hope to upload in this week. I apologize for that.

Today, a friend of mine and renowned 3D modeler told me that someone had copied and reuploaded one of my models as if it was his work. More precisely, I'm talking about the model of Hallesches Tor.

I've checked it, and I saw it was, in fact, a copy of my work, not what is considered to be derivative work i.e. a improved version of the original model. Maybe it has the original description with the original copyright disclaimer in it, but that's just a sign saying that this guy just didn't care about giving the appropiate credits to the model owner (i.e. me), and reposted the description only to fill the space.

Minutes later, I found out that this same guy, whose name is (I guess) Supakrit Ngamdeevilaisak, had uploaded two more models made by me, the U-Bhf. Nollendorfplatz and the Friedenssäule in the Mehringplatz. I have already reported the Hallesches Tor copy. I don't want to do this, but by now and as a protective measure, I feel forced to restrict downloads of all my models.



Take this only as a friendly request to remove your copies of models made by me. I hope you will do the right thing. Otherwise, I will have to report you again.

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  1. I understand your feelings behind someone taking your creations and using them without permission. I'm an artist and have had that problem, now all my art or photos have a "copyright" on them including my sites.
    I looked at supakrit website and noticed he has linked you to your website blog, that in a way is good and might bring even more traffic to this site, however he should have contacted you and asked for usage permission.
    I enjoyed these photo images, my mother and I were born in Berlin and my father in Dresden, so I have a great interest in these images.